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The 51st Dimitria Festival is here, with a special, and always innovative, programme, sensitive to artistic and social issues, including drama, music, literary events,  visual art events, dance, cinema, performance events and workshops.

Once again this autumn, despite our introversion and the difficult times we are experiencing, the Dimitria Festival invites us and invites Thessaloniki to connect directly.

Be there! This experience, with its fine arts and technology, set against a backdrop of streets, words, images, bodies, buildings and those points on the urban map where energy and communication are to  produced, where exciting new horizons will open up and where “moments” will be recorded through multiple narratives and from a range of views.

Cityval! This is our aim: a dialogue with the city through the arts, communication between people and trends, coexisting in this fragmented world and partaking in this broader horizon and perspective.

An attempt at coexistence  through  tuning in at 42 events, which will fearlessly venture  to unite and rally Thessaloniki, within a broad spectrum of artistic anthropogeography and unconventional viewpoints-spectacles.

Cosmopolitan, eccentric – literally and metaphorically – daring and sensitive, this year Dimitria Festival is venturing to make another “leap”, dreaming of a Thessaloniki that will not be beat. With a revisionist attotide, free of clichés, oriented to what is fresh and vibrant, yet invisible to most “at present”, this year’s Dimitria invites you to take it inthrough a kaleidoscopic art experience, participating in the here and now.  

This may, in fact, be the definition-challenge of this year's institution.

This city as it is today, no longer the Thessaloniki of yesterday, nothing more than the Thessaloniki of tomorrow.

What's on today

Closing ceremony / Disco Labattoir!

Goodbye 51st Dimitria Festival, until next year; it could also be the end of Cityval 2016. Prepare...

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Athens Video Dance Project (AVDP)

Let’s dance… and it’s a… wrap! It is a charming marriage of the art of dance and the “7th art” - video...

Free Admission
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Pavlos Pavlidis & the B-Movies

A leading figure of Greece's alternative music scene for years, he has “divided pain and multiplied...

11€ (presale), 13€ (theater box)
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Wot? No Fish!!

by the BREAD & CIRCUSES group (UK) 'The Guardian' newspaper recommends 'Wot? No Fish!!', brought to...

7€, 10€.
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Opening of the exibition Yoko Ono Installations and Performances

"You must imagine Peace every day and in your dreams. Greece , I love you!" Yoko Ono, 2016  

Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono press release

DIMITRIA 2016 OPENING OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION YOKO ONO Installations and performances   SATURDAY, 1 OCTOBER, 2016   “Greece, I love you!” Yoko Ono, 2016   The curtains of Dimitria...