Pavlos Pavlidis & the B-Movies

22/10/2016 | 22:00
Pavlos Pavlidis & the B-Movies

A leading figure of Greece's alternative music scene for years, he has “divided pain and multiplied joy”, as people used to say. And every so often he rouses us and consoles us. And every so often he resists and attacks. Only through music. With a new album in 2016 titled 'Mia Pyrkayia S'Ena Spirtokouto' ('Blaze in a Matchbox', Inner Ear Records), Pavlos Pavlidis & the B-Movies return to Thessaloniki, just before the curtain drops on this year's Dimitria, for one more concert – journey.

After a concert filled summer in Greece, as well as with participations in festivals abroad (Stereoleto – Russia, Feggaros – Cyprus), they will present a brand new set list based on the entire musical career of the popular singer-songwriter. From 'Mora Sti Fotia' (Babies on Fire) and 'Xylina Spathia' (Wooden Swords) to the 'B-Movies' (Tolis Deligiannis – bass, Alekos Spanidis – drums, Orestis Benekas – keyboard and Sakis Azas – electric guitar), with whom Pavlos Pavlidis will once again send his own special “letters”, as he likes to describe his songs, to the audience. “Letters” that contain his own experiences as well as the stories of many others.

His audience varies – from 2-year-olds who prefer him to lullabies, 9-year-olds who recognise him as the great “storyteller”, and teenagers who idolise him, to people his own age and older than him – and Pavlidis always remains sensible, serious and low key, despite the popularity of his music. As he put it, quite simply, “music is my game. It is not a logical process. I am affected by what I hear at times and that may push me towards particular sounds. As long as I am putting out records I am learning how to improve as far as production is concerned, although at times I feel like I am working in several professions”. One thing that definitely hasn't changed is that for him, ever since he was a child, “music was and still is the first door that opened in my mind”.

Music that always paid special attention to the lyrics in order to flow on seemingly simple orchestrations. With words like compasses for another journey to free us from daily life. He has explained it himself: “The things that I have loved in music for years seem simple and concrete, no matter how complicated their structure”.

Ticket Price: 11€ (presale), 13€ (theater box)