Chauvinism Scanner


Interactive Performance by God’s Entertainment Group (Austria)

Are you xenophobic? Are you concerned with where peoples' ancestors were from? Beware because the 'Chauvinism Scanner' will reveal whether you are telling the truth or not. Austrian anarchists “take over” Aristotelous Square, determined to shed light on your real beliefs.

This is an interactive street performance by 'God's Entertainment', an anarchic theatre collective from Austria. A simple enough performance in concept – although with clear political insinuations – and completely painless. Unless you come face to face with a truth that hurts.

'God's Entertainment' (represented in Greece by Maja Degirmendzic and Boris Ceko) is one of the few experimental theatre groups in Austria making a conscious effort to “break” dominant theatrical conventions. Their productions range between plays, happenings, visual art pieces, performances and concerts. They are inspired by social, cultural, and political injustice – they are openly part of the Left – aiming at mobilising the audience and sparking dialogue. Foreign press has said of them that “by adopting a radical approach they search for new fields, beyond theatrical conventions. Through an artistic – social mosaic they create 'sharp social sculptures' which often include the audience”.

The performance they will present is divided into two basic parts. In the first part, Greek actors (supporting actors from TheatrAction Company) will ask passers-by questions that have to do with prejudice. These questions mainly concern minorities. After the passer-by has responded to the questions, they then “enter” the “stage”, where they undergo a further test, based on certain specific programmes, such as the “foreigner scanner” and the “national vision” scanner. These machines calculate their level of chauvinism, xenophobia, etc. The test lasts approximately 20 minutes and there can be up to two people “on stage” at the same time.

So, will you take the risk? Will you undergo questions that once again turn art into a mirror of society?

Outdoor Venue (Intersection of Aristotelous Sq. & Tsimiski Str.), 11:00-17:00

Ticket Price: Free Admission