'The nest-one route to freedom'/Trial 0ne'

22/10/2016 | 21:00
'The nest-one route to freedom'/Trial 0ne'

Art dance performance choreographed by Despina Kapoulitsa

I want to build my nest
Languid body, dull memory
The stillness launches surprises of unexpected joy
Archetypal moments that want to become a guide
A reverse journey
… I drive
The apex of the view searches for me
An extroverted view!
A grand space!
I search for the rhythm of the truth
Where has freedom nested?

A three-dimensional comic book in a futuristic mood that draws from manga aesthetics. The body becomes the comic book artist's pencil and designs, in real time, the atmosphere of the frames. The protagonist, Jiyū, is searching for her identity in a world of inner conflict, so that she may start over. She travels, wondering where her freedom is hidden, searching for it on her maze-like journey.

'The nest/one route to freedom' is an art dance performance created by choreographer Despina Kapoulitsa in collaboration with visual artist Eliza Moschopoulou. Both artists live and work in Thessaloniki.

Despina Kapoulitsa explains: “Starting with my personal research on the potential of the transformation of motion by the surrounding space, real and non-real, I focused on the creation of a two-way relationship between planning the moment and planning the art space. So, the art spaces created embrace the performers' journey in experiential interaction”.

On her side Eliza Moschopoulou pointed out: “Searching for freedom is something very special for each person. The way in which they perceive it is very different – the “size” of the freedom in which one feels “truly free”. The results of these thoughts were an initial subconscious inward turn”. She added that, “the journey towards freedom does not happen in real-time, it is carried out by following a course that crosses the guts and the mind (memory) and leads the adult heroine of the story towards a rebirth and a more complete self”.

Project contributors
Idea-Choreography: Despina Kapoulitsa
Sets-costumes: Eliza Moschopoulou
Original music composer: Sakis Abatzidis
Lighting design: Vangelis Xonoglou
Set construction: Eliza Moschopoulou, Vangelis Xonoglou
Assistant choreographer: Sonia Ntova
Dancers: Despina Kapoulits and Evanthia Sofronidou

Ticket Price: 7€, 10€.