Kapani Project

05/10/2016 | 00:00
Kapani Project

Music / performance

Against the backdrop of the Thessaloniki market, with all of its shops open – fishmongers, greengrocers, butchers, general stores and clothes shops – the old and the new meet in a place filled with memories, stories and human footprints... Thus begins the 'Kapani Project' at... Kapani. For 24 hours, through music, street theatre, performances and other post-midnight events, young people will get a chance to become acquainted with the district and its importance and the older generation will have the opportunity to look back nostalgically. Musicians, actors, visual artists and performers are cooperating with the merchants and professionals of the market, passers-by and customers. Among the fish, the fruit, the flavours, the scents, the fabrics, the colours and the traditions they will share, experiment, interact and finally create a new world inside the old one, full of imagination and inspiration.

Throughout the duration of the event painter Christos Alaveras will act as a 'visual reporter', recording the goings on, the performers, the audience and the business owners in sketches, while those sketches will be exhibited directly inside the space of the market as a visual testimony.

It should be noted that there will be two music stages (Stage 1: On the corner of Kydoniatou Street & Vlali Street and Stage 2: On Askitou Street), where well known DJs will provide the tunes from 17:30 to 24:00.

Duration: 24 hours, 00:00-23:59


site specific performance by Per_Dance (Eleonora Siarava)
Askitou Gallery, 00.01 – 00.30
This performance will be presented after midnight in an attempt to strip the “market landscape” of the images and sounds of its daily life.

Performance by Sabotage Visual Art group
Corner of Menexes Street and Vlali Street, 00.30 – 01.00
This performance comments on the body of modern humans and presents it as a product of an over-consuming economy.

Installation presentation
by the visual artists of the Sabotage group
Corner of Menexes Street and Vlali Street, 11.30 – 12.00
Materials (nylon, rope, metal and wood) with a utilitarian purpose are redefined and reconstructed taking on a new reason for being.

dance by the D.Art dance company
Corner of Menexes Street and Vlali Street, 12.30 – 13.00 
The heroes... “eat” their internal voices and are “eaten away” by them, while they try to digest through conflict or union with the other “dinner guests”.

Border H.
Site specific performance by Efi Georgarou
Kapani Entrance – corner of Aristotelous Square & Vlali Street, 16.00-16.30
A site specific performance – concept by Dr. Angeliki Avgitidou and Efi Georgarou – that colours the senses of a world locked inside the body, but still free in thought.

Performance by Aniline DanceTheatre
Corner of Askitou Street & Menexe Street (fish market), 17.00– 18.00
Two people, two bodies. A man and a woman. One dance. They are born, they move, they interact, while the “society” factor slips into the equation.

Performance by Maria Lappa and Angeliki Bitzaraki
Menexe Street, 18.00 – 18.30
Inspired by the myth of Ariadne and Friedrich Nietzsche's Dionysian Dithyrambs, this performance will take place at the entrance of to the fish market.

Entypose # kemetaMirase (Imprint # andthenDistribute)
site specific Performance by Evi Chatzimitakou
by the Koresmerikle group
12, Askitou Street,  kapanigraphix store, 18.30– 19.00
Physical theatre performance inspired by the old flour market.

Improving Darwin
Performance by The Girls
Corner of Kydoniatou Street and Askitou Street, 19.00 – 19.30
Three bodies in this space in a performance based on Lacan's thoughts on the formation of the 'Ego'.

Primordial Ceremony. Study#1
Performance by Christina Foitou – Aliki Chiotaki
Vlali Street (Butcher), 19.30– 20.00 /
The performance deals with the decay, putrefaction, futility and transformation, in an area – reference point for the human chain.

Die Wolke Art Group
Site - specific  Performance by Drosia Triantaki
Vlali Street, 20.30 – 21.00
The sounds of a closed market that also serve as a meeting place coexist with music and motion.

'Groove Theory'
Dance Performance by Rough|Cut.
Vlali Street, 22.45 – 23.10
'Groove Theory' is an invitation to dance from the dancers to the audience. It is an invitation for the body to release itself and dance to the music.

Do you want to hear a poem?
Performance / National Theatre of Northern Greece
Six NTNG actors (Haris Papadopoulos, Aristotelis Zacharakis, Momo Vlachou, Lila Vlachopoulou, Tasos Rodovitis, Maria Karamitri) armed with... poems, are aiming at brightening your stroll through the use of poetry. Because poetry is not only written to be read, it is also written to be read out loud and to be heard.

Ticket Price: Free Admission