Freedom: the most expensive capitalist word

18/10/2016 | 21:00
Freedom: the most expensive capitalist word

concept, text and performing: Maja Pelević and Olga Dimitrijević

producer: BITEF

Premiere: BITEF festival, September 28th 2016


Choreography: Igor Koruga

Music: Anja Đorđević

Costumes: Ljiljana Dragović

Video editing: Deana Petrović

Dramaturge volunteer: Jasna Jasna Žmak

Executive Producers: Dragana Jovović, Jovana Janjić

Production assistant: Olivera Kecojević

Technical Manager: Ljubomir Radivojević

Stage Manager: Maja Jovanović

Light Design: Dragan Đurković, Igor Milenković

Sound: Miroljub Vladić, Jugoslav Hadžić

PR and protocol: Slavica Hinić

Financial support: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia


About the performance:

There is nothing so strange, in a strange land, as the stranger who comes to visit it.

Albert Camus


The production, inspired by the authors’ research trip to the world’s most isolated country – North Korea, questions the idea of freedom in the era of ever-intensifying global surveillance. The audience will have a chance to get a unique touristic tour through a country considered by the “democratic world” to be the biggest bogeyman, whose existence raises the question on freedom and non-freedom in today’s society. The show brings up many other issues as well: how extensive are the limits of our thought, conditioned by constant propaganda and the context which we come from? How relative is the notion of freedom and how determined by the socio-cultural context? Is the visible personality cult worse than the invisible cult of capital? What does the last Cold War remnant, North Korea, tell us about our,  “free” Western world? Is having an atomic bomb and a nationwide defence concept the only way to avoid imperial dominance? Is a socialist political structure always totalitarian? The show faces the possibilities and impossibilities to talk about a country outside our cultural and political code. 

Ticket Price: 10€, 8€