Art night



City Museums, Cultural Bodies and Galleries

On Art Night, September 27, the city's galleries, museums and art spaces will stay up late providing the public with the opportunity to enjoy a night-time art stroll.

This is another activity, a pre-festival event for the 51st Dimitria, aiming at promoting the Thessaloniki that enjoys exploring its artistic side. Art critics, curators and artists take on the role of guides through the contemporary visual art landscape. The public will have the opportunity to learn about the exhibitions, visual art projects and installations that are housed in these spaces.

It should be noted that there will be organised tours beginning at 18:30. Interested parties can register to participate, although everyone is free to create their own tour. The organised tours will end up at the garden party at Casa Bianca, with live music by Giannis Kyratsos & Rachel Tselepidou, who will be performing covers of  popular songs from Greece and abroad.

Art Night's curator is visual artist and Professor at the E.N.S.A. Limoges Fine Arts School Marios Teriade Eleftheriadis and the head of the event is museologist of the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, Thalia-Maria Alexaki.
Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki – Casa Bianca Temporary exhibition 'Faces and Forms from the Collection of the Municipal Gallery' and permanent exhibition of the works of Nikolaos Gyzis
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Permanent exhibitions 'Field House Garden Grave' and 'Memory in Stone'
Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki (Port) - CACT
Temporary exhibition 'Stergios Delialis Designer. 55 years of graphics – spaces – constructions – and a design museum'
Museum of Byzantine Culture Thessaloniki
Temporary Exhibition 'On the Margins of War: Thessaloniki Under German Occupation (1941-1944) Through the Photographic Collection of Byron Metos'
Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki
Permanent exhibition 'A journey through the history of Greek cinema'
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum collections:
Exhibition of Alexander Iolas Donation
Exhibition of Dorothea and Alexandros Xydis Donation
Exhibition of George Aperghis Donation
Exhibition of New Acquisitions
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
Temporary exhibition 'Another Life: Human Flows / Unknown Odysseas'
National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation/ Cultural Centre of Thessaloniki (Villa Kapantzi)
Temporary exhibition 'The Countryside District 1885-1912'
MIET bookshop:
Temporary exhibition Chrysa Voudouroblou, 'Twin Landscapes'
Goethe - Institut Thessaloniki:
Temporary exhibition 'The unseen. Another look on daily life'
Institut Français de Thessalonique:
Permanent exhibition 'Art Collection of the French Institute of Thessaloniki' and the temporary collection 'Paris – daily scenes / Paris au quotidien'

Zina Athanasiadou Gallery. 33rd anniversary of the gallery
Artis Causa Gallery. Bidding the summer farewell. Gallery collaborator exhibition
Donopoulos International Fine Arts. Angelika Prapa, Waterways – don’t get wet
Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery. Peggy Kliafa, P L A C E B O
Nitra Gallery. 2310
Tsatsis Projects / Artforum. Group exhibition  3 generations
vlassis art gallery – Art Noise Art. works for all

Organised tours

Tour 1: Port / Gathering point at CACT (port), 18:30
The tour will include the CACT (Port), ThPM, CMTh, vlassis art gallery – Art Noise Art, MIET bookshop Artis, Nitra Gallery, Donopoulos International Fine Arts, Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery, Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, Causa Gallery, Tsatsis Projects / Artforum,

Tour 2: TIF / Gathering point at MMCA (TIF), 18:30
The tour will include the MMCA, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the Museum of Byzantine Vulture, Institut Français de Thessalonique, Goethe - Institut Thessaloniki, MIET Cultural Centre of Thessaloniki-  Casa Bianca,

Co-organised with the Administration of Libraries & Museums, Department of Municipal Gallery

Ticket Price: Free Admission