A.U.Th. in the city / 90 years of A.U.Th.

08/10/2016 - 09/10/2016 | 11:00
A.U.Th. in the city / 90 years of A.U.Th.
A.U.Th. in the city / 90 years of A.U.Th.
A.U.Th. in the city / 90 years of A.U.Th.
A.U.Th. in the city / 90 years of A.U.Th.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in the framework of the celebrations for the University's 90th anniversary since its foundation, is going “out on the town” and presenting its work and people to the public.

Knowledge, ideas, creation, inspiration, professors and students will fill a celebratory weekend with activities for young and old at Aristotelous Square (from Tsimiski Street to the seafront) and in Olympion cinema's screening hall.

Much in the spirit of 'A.U.Th. on a Sunday' (which has been a great success every year since 2012, held on the A.U.Th. campus, transforming the University into an educational park),  'A.U.Th. in the city' will be organised for the first time this year. The difference? In this event the University is going “downtown” to the city centre for more immediate contact with the public.

Interactive games and creative workshops from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Sciences (with names such as 'Natural Magic', 'Magical Materials', 'The Clothes of the Greeks', 'Play Excavation' you can't miss any of them), as well as the 'Science Celebration' treasure hunt, the theme of which is food and its chemical composition, organized by the Department of Chemistry, are just a few of the options you have over the weekend. You should also note the sports activities for all ages and the athletics showcase by the Departments of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences and the A.U.Th. University Gym.

Did you know that A.U.Th. owns the Aristotle Racing Team one-seater race car as well as a sailboat? If you are downtown over the weekend you will have the opportunity to enjoy their show.

However, there will be no lack of visual art and theatrical activities from the Departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts, while the personnel of the Theswiki Workshop of the A.U.Th. Central Library have organised an original literary walk, as well as book walks for children and information on the basic principles for civil protection by the A.U.Th. Crisis Management Team.

And for those of you who like looking up... they will have the opportunity to watch the sun and the moon through the portable telescope of the A.U.Th. Astronomy Lab.
Lastly, there is great anticipation for the film screenings that will reveal aspects of the personalities of people who contributed with their work to the university community. Specifically, the films 'Tribute to Nikos Chourmouziadis', 'A.U.Th.', 'The Presence of Women at A.U.Th.', 'With a Hammer and a Loop' will be screened.

Aristotelous Square, Olympion
8/10: 11:00-22:00 & 9/10: 10:00-20:00

Organised by A.U.Th.

Ticket Price: Free Admission