AVS-AAP Alexandros Plomaritis


Through an autobiographical performance, Alexandros Plomaritis is searching for his roots and a kind of identity through his family environment, as well as through the city of Thessaloniki. Under the title 'AVS-AAP' the artist is trying to self-define his identity through his grandfather's biography, as well as that of the place where he lives and which he calls home. Using audiovisual means in which audio and video documents are utilised, Plomaritis locates the places that connect him both with his grandfather as well as with the city itself, where his ancestor settled and lived. That very same city where the artist lives and creates today.

Plomaritis himself believes that “the artist, at regular intervals, should re-examine their roots so that their identity, and their spirit is renewed depending on each place in and time at which they reside and are active”.

The performance begins with a white wall “split” in half. On one half there is a static video projection of the artist's grandfather's hands, while he tells the story of his life. His stories are about the war, Thessaloniki and the city's barber shops. On the other half of the wall there is a projection of the artist himself sitting at a desk tattooing his initials on his arm.

Alexandros Plomaritis was born in Kastoria and raised in Thasos. He left for London where he lived for eight years. He studied English Literature and Theatre at Queen Mary University of London and then specialised in performance arts at Brunel University. In 2008 he presented his first feature performance at the NRLA Festival in Glasgow as part of Leibniz Live Art Company. His work touches on and talks about socio-political issues. His basic tool is his body and immediately recognisable symbols. He has presented his work at festivals, exhibitions, galleries and outdoor venues in Greece and abroad. He resides and works in Thessaloniki.

Co-organised with the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Ticket Price: Free Admission